REACH is a European Union Regulation for the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Registration of Chemicals and was entered into force in 2007 with the aim to ensure a high level of protection of human health and environment.

Under REACH regulation, all manufacturers, importers of European Union (EU) or Only Representatives appointed by non-EU traders should pre-register with the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) of the chemical information of a substance, preparation or an article with intended to be released substance which will be imported to EU market more than 1 tonnage per year. This regulation affects all parts of the supply chain that produce and use chemicals exported to Europe, so all manufacturers, importers, distributors and downstream users of chemicals should pay high attention on the impact of REACH to their business.

Deadlines for Registration vary depending on the quantities or the substance property. The most hazardous substances and those manufactured or imported in the largest and second largest quantities were to be registered firstly in 2010 and secondly in 2013 respectively. Chemicals that are manufactured or imported between 1-100 tonnes per year per company are to be registered on or before 31 May 2018.

To meet the REACH objective, companies have to gather adequate information of chemicals that are placed on market. With reference to the two registration deadlines that have already passed, the implementation of REACH registration is a stepwise process which takes more time than you expected. 

CMA Testing pays special attention on your needs and provides one-stop solution with consultation services to support you passing through each obstacle with ease. Selecting CMA Testing as your consultant should be one definite choice.

One-Stop Solution


Product / Material Review Report

A professional assessment report including the obligation analysis, ingredients review and action guideline under REACH.

Hazardous Substances Identification

A professional assessment to screen out the possible "very high concern" substances under REACH.

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Preparation

Provide assistance to prepare SDS for REACH registration.

Laboratory Testing

Provide physicochemical, toxicological & eco-toxicological testing services.

Classification & Labeling Review

Provide a technical support to fulfill the requirement of "Classification and Labeling Inventory" under REACH.

Consultation for Substitution Plan

Suggestions on ways to control and source for alternatives in the use of "dangerous substances" .

Training and Workshop

A series of seminars and workshops to help you better understand the requirement of REACH.

Pre-registration & Registration Guidance

Provide a professional and technical support to go through the Pre-registration and Registration process.


Useful References 

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EHS resources centre


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