Building Environmental Assessment Method (BEAM)

Nowadays, everyone talks about “Green”! Eat “Green”, act “Green” and live “Green”! How to live “Green”? There is an increasing awareness on the environmental impacts of buildings among the public when Hong Kong is crowded of more and more high buildings. The BEAM (Building Environmental Assessment Method) which is the Hong Kong assessment tool for green buildings was developed in 1996. It embraces a range of good practices in planning, design, construction, and management, operation and maintenance of buildings, and is aligned with local regulations, standards and codes of practice. This scheme is applied to green buildings including New Buildings (NB), Existing Buildings (EB) and Interiors (BI) for shops, offices, retail, contributing to the development of ‘Green and Sustainable buildings’. After assessment, building user will be given with a single performance label to demonstrate the overall qualities of a building.


Although BEAM is voluntary assessment, a building with a BEAM PLUS green building label is a recognition of a building with a lowering environmental impact than its peers, using less energy, water and materials than conventional buildings that in turn lower greenhouse gas emissions and finally reducing the environmental impact of buildings. Not only these, the built environment and users’ satisfaction are further improved by a safer, healthier, more comfortable, more functional and more efficient building. 

To enhance the brand image of your building as an efficient and environmental-friendly area as well as increase users’ satisfaction by providing a safer, healthier and comfortable, more functional and more efficient building, we, here, supports your buildings on the measurement in BEAM. Followings are the categories that we are capable to conduct.


Summary table of our capability under BEAM Plus v1.2 - New Building 




Site Aspects

SA 11

Air Pollutio During Construction

3x1hr/pt Total Suspended Particles (TSP)

SA 12

Noise During Construction

Leq (30mins)

SA 13

Water Pollution During Construction

Water tests for pH, BOD, TSS during noise/air monitoring

SA 14

Noise from Building Equipment

Field background noise measurements with Leq, 15min in dB(A) at evening/ night-time

Water Use


Water Quality Survey

Water sampling and testing on Water Quality Recognition Scheme of Buildings, WSD: pH, Conductivity, Iron, Colour, E.Coli, Total Coliform, Turbidity

Indoor Environmental Quality


Minimum Ventilation Performance

Outdoor Air Monitoring for 8-hrs monitoring on PM10, NO2, CO and O3


Outdoor Sources of Air Pollution

CO, NO2, O3, RSP measurement by surrogate method (30mins x 4 timeslot) under natural ventilation mode


Indoor Source of Air Pollution

tVOC, HCHO, Rn measurement by surrogate method under AC background ventilation mode


IAQ in Car Parks

1-hr & 5-mins average CO & NO3 measurement per location

IEQ 13

Thermal Comfort in Air-conditioned Premises

a) Room Temperature measurement by surrogate m,ethod to sustain at design value within +/-1°C

b) IAQ Measurement and calculation of Air Diffusion Performance Index (ADPI)

IEQ 14

Thermal Comfort in Naturally Ventilated Premises

a) IAQ Measurement and calculation of predicted Mean Vote (PMV)Air Diffusion Performance Index (ADPI)

b) Room Temperature measurement bu surrogate method to sustain at design value with  +/-1.5°C

IEQ 18

Room Acoustics

Field reverberation time measurement using balloon blasting as impulse source

IEQ 19

Noise Isolation

Airborne noise isolation between rooms, spaces and premises meeting the prescribed criteria according to different room types

IEQ 20

Background Noise

Background noise level is performace to meet the prescribed criteria according to different room types

IEQ 21

Indoor Vibration

Field indoor ibration measurement at 3 directions in terms of vibration velocities spectrum by FFT method



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