Proprietary Chinese Medicine Testing

Proprietary Chinese medicine (pCm) is now getting more and more popular, in parallel with the Western Drug when more customers are looking for complement Western forms of medicine. Meanwhile, the importance of medicine safety raises the consumers’ awareness, especially when the Chinese medicine incident comes to the light. In general, pCm products are required to meet the requirements in respect of safety, quality and efficacy. Consumption of pCm products containing high level of heavy metal and toxic elements, contamination of pesticide or adulterated with western drug ingredients accidentally, the public may be harmful to their health (side effect e.g.: cognitive decline, palpitation, psychosis, spasms, blood pressure increase etc.). In order to assure the safety and quality of pCm manufactured, manufacturers and wholesalers should apply the test to reduce the risk of being recalled by Department of Health.


We are an accredited laboratory to provide all required tests including safety test, stability test & method validation for proprietary Chinese medicines registration according to the requirement of the Department of Health of Hong Kong. Besides, we have been accredited by the Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (HOKLAS) to perform microscopic identification test in Rhizoma Gastrodiae, total ash and water content tests in Chinese Materia Medica. The extension of scope of accreditation for copper test in Proprietary Chinese Medicines and Chinese Materia Medica has also been approved by HKAS Executive.

Proprietary Chinese medicines safety test

  • Heavy metals and toxic elements
  • Microbial limit
  • Pesticides residues

Quality test and stability test in Proprietary Chinese medicines

  • Assay and identification test
  • Accelerated stability test
  • Real time stability test

Drug adulterants screening

  • Pharmaceutical adulteration test

Quality test in Chinese Materia Medica

  • Fingerprinting, chromatographic and microscopic identification in rhizoma gastrodiae
  • Total ash and water content, heavy metals, acid-insoluble ash, extractives, Mycotoxins tests in Chinese Materia Medica


By keeping investment on sophisticated equipment and combined with a dynamic quality team, CMA Testing provides pharmaceutical products testing including both proprietary Chinese medicine and western drug so as to ensure the quality and safety of pharmaceutical products. We are glad to support you by our consultation service, technical solutions and training whenever you need.



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