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Global warming, poor air quality, extreme weather, increasing carbon emission, all these climate changes create global business challenges and draws the public attention on environmental protection issue. "Environmental friendly" is one of the hot topics among the public recently. No matter you are large or small enterprises, even governmental association, all of us join hands to work for a better environment.

We have been at the forefront in the environmental industries by offering testing, analysis and consultancy services on a wide range of aspects. We are one of the accredited Certificate Issuing Body (CIB) for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) under the Hong Kong Inspection Body Accreditation Scheme (HKIAS). Our IAQ parameters measurement is accredited under Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (HOKLAS). 


Having a well-developed reputation on environmental testing industries, we work closely with public and private counterparts with our diversified service scopes including but not limited to below:

We support your environmental testing needs including but not limited to followings aspects:


• Indoor Air Quality Measurement             • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Certification Scheme

• Stack emission measurement


• Drinking Water Analysis                           • Waste Water Sampling Collection
• Legionnella and Analysis                         • Marine Water Analysis
• Swimming Pool Water Analysis               • Waste Water Analysis for License

Green Building

• BEAM                                                       • Carbon & energy audit


• Solid Waste Analysis
• Sediment Analysis

Environmental Products

• Product carbon footprint evaluation          • Biodegradable Product
• Performance evaluation of environmental products

Other Services

• Noise Analysis                                           • Odor Measurement
• Trade Effluent Surcharge (TES) Appeal
- Appointed by Hong Kong Drainage Services Department

• Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) consultancy

Through the synergic efforts of you and us, we look forward to helping you to build a “Green” company reputation, smoothing your business efficiency and generating a better environment for the public in a long run.


Global Trend for Sustainability Report

Sustainability has become one of the policy and strategy concerns among the company owners when running a business. This trend may be contributed by the growing ecological concern globally. Everyone acts to minimize the environmental impact on future generations. Many governments around the world have become interested in sustainability and the words “sustainable development” even appear on a number of national development plans.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Regarding this upcoming global trend, the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited published the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Guide as the recommended practice for listed companies as these factors are important in evaluating the sustainability performance of a company in 2012. Since then, the consultation conclusion on the ESG Guide was also published in Dec 2015. The Guide is rearranged into two Subject Areas: Environmental and Social; The Key Performance Indicators (“KPIs”) are upgraded under the “Environmental” Subject Area to “comply or explain” and its implementation will be effective for issuers’ financial years commencing on or after 1 January 2017.

What We Can Help…….

• Carbon & Energy Disclosure        • Advisory on Occupational Health

• Sustainability Intelligence            • Product Responsibility Assessment 



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