Electrical and Electronic Testing

Product safety is always the first priority of consideration among consumers, especially electrical and electronic products. Performing product testing against the standard requirements of its target markets assures its safety, quality and performance level, avoiding the risk of product recalls. Meanwhile, an internationally recognized test report helps to speed up the product shipping process with ease, increase the buyer’s confidence and fasten the market penetration, reaching the target customers much earlier within the industry.​

By leveraging clients’ business lines and the market needs, together with our global network and worldwide accreditations, we are keen on tailor-made a COST-EFFECTIVE testing plan for specific electrical and electronic product for penetrating different key markets and meeting customers’ expectations.


Performance, physical and chemical part of electrical and electronic products can be tested accordingly to its applicable country of destination and its product nature / materials. We provide a comprehensive range of testing in following international regulations and industry standards.


Related Standards and Regulations


Testing for CE Marking
 - LVD (Low Voltage Directive)
 - EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing)
 - EMF (Electromagnetic Field)

RED (Radio Equipment Directive)


CB Scheme


California Energy Commission

FCC (Federal Communications Commission)

Australia and New Zealand

AS/NZS regulations


VCCI (Voluntary Control Council for Interference by Information Technology Equipment)


China GB regulations


RSS (Radio Standards Specifications)
ICES (Interference-causing Equipment Standards)

GCC Standardization Organization

GSO regulation



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