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Environmental protection is closely related to us. In the foreseeable future, environmental monitoring and testing are tasks that we cannot ignore. Through the country's requirements for environmental quality monitoring and testing, the scope, items, and frequency continue to expand and increase.

The new "Environmental Protection Law" came into effect on January 1, 2015, and it puts forward new and higher requirements for environmental monitoring. According to this law, the state has strengthened the management of environmental monitoring, and the quality of monitoring data has risen to the legal level. Ecological environment monitoring is the ears, eyes and cornerstone of ecological environmental protection. If the foundation is not strong, the ground will shake. Without the support of scientific and accurate monitoring data, ecological and environmental protection work has become a source of water and a tree without roots. Ensuring the authenticity and reliability of monitoring data is the top priority of the ecological environment monitoring work.



As a professional third-party laboratory, CMA Testing can provide you with the following services in terms of environmental monitoring and testing:

  • Soil and Sediment: Sampling and analysis of construction land, agricultural land soil, river, ocean sediment (bottom mud), etc.;
  • Water and wastewater: sampling and analysis of sewage, wastewater, surface water, groundwater, drinking water, reclaimed water, circulating cooling water, chilled water, irrigation water, sea water, atmospheric precipitation, fishery water, etc.;
  • Noise and vibration: sampling and analysis of environmental noise at the boundary of industrial enterprises, environmental noise in social life, environmental noise at construction site, urban rail transit train vibration and noise, railway boundary noise, aircraft noise around airports, and conventional monitoring of urban acoustic environment;
  • Air and waste gas: sampling and analysis of ambient air, indoor air, industrial waste gas, etc.


We use monitoring equipment that meets national standards, comply with monitoring specifications, and are responsible for the authenticity and accuracy of monitoring data. We can provide high-quality services to ecological environment management departments at all levels, environmental protection practitioners and related enterprises, and become your trustworthy Business partners. Please contact us immediately and let us provide you with tailor-made value-added services.


China is one of the countries with the most serious soil pollution in the world. According to data released by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, as early as 2006, according to an incomplete survey, there were about 150 million acres of contaminated arable land in China, accounting for 8.3% of 1.8 billion acres of arable land. According to survey data released by the environmental protection department, in 2012, 31% and 39% of the fresh water of the country's top ten water systems and 62 major lakes were not up to the drinking water quality, which seriously affected people's health, production and life. In summary, it is urgent to carry out soil and water environmental protection work, and soil and water quality testing can provide effective data support for this work.



As a professional third-party laboratory, CMA Testing can provide you with the following services in soil and water quality testing:


  • Sampling and analysis of construction land and agricultural land soil pollution status investigation and soil pollution risk assessment, risk control and effect assessment, restoration and effect assessment, post-stage management, ecological environment damage identification assessment, environmental impact assessment, and environmental quality assessment of agricultural production areas;
  • Domestic sewage, industrial waste water, medical waste water, surface water, ground water, domestic drinking water, source water, pipe network water, secondary water supply, reclaimed water, industrial circulating cooling water, chilled water, irrigation water for farmland (green space), sea water, atmospheric precipitation , Sampling and analysis of ship ballast water, fishery (breeding) water, bath water, swimming pool water, hot spring water, coal mine water, and landscape environment water;


We have a professional sampling team and laboratory analysis team, with nearly 1,000 test items related to soil and water quality, which can meet the needs of most customers. We have accumulated a wealth of technical experience, established a continuous innovative research and development mechanism, and formed a good brand advantage and reputation. Can provide you with quality services and become your reliable business partner.


Please contact us immediately and let us provide you with tailor-made value-added services.


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