Vision, Mission & Values


To be the most preferable and recognized international quality assurance service provider


To provide the best quality services

To foster a customer-oriented culture

To offer customized value added services

To become a reliable business partner

To cater for the interests of stakeholders


Better World

Beyond what we do - inspecting, testing, certifying and verifying - there is a why, a purpose for our business. Our brand is built around the promise of a better world for the benefit of our clients, our staff, the wider community and the environment.  

Passionately Curious 

We are a tightly-knit group of talented people, inquisitive by nature and passionately curious. We listen intently, we are vigilant, we research, we innovate when needed and we always strive to deliver best-in-class solutions and results. 

Perfectly Scaled

Our size is our strength. We have the resources to handle large scale project successfully. With agility, flexibility and a razor-sharp client focus, we also deliver the little things that make a difference. Faster, more adaptive and more resourceful.

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