Joint Ventures

Being a proactive accredited third-party conformity assessment organisation, CMA Testing endeavours to establish joint venture companies with various institutions to provide excellent and comprehensive quality testing services.

Hong Kong Cosmetic Technical Resources Centre (CTR)

CMA Testing jointly formed Hong Kong Cosmetic Technical Resources Centre (CTR) with International Cosmetics (Asia Pacific) Joint Development Centre (ICJDC) in 2006, providing cosmetic testing services and professional consulting services to cosmetic enterprises, chemists, practitioners, and raw materials suppliers in regard to international regulations and standards.


FIRA-CMA Testing Services Limited

The joint-venture company was formed in January 2010 by CMA Testing and the Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA) to establish a laboratory in Hong Kong specialized in furniture tests. The company will offer comprehensive range of tests including physical safety, durability, performance, flammability, packaging, loading inspections and chemical analysis. 



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